Yes, vitamin D treats and reverses breast cancer, says new science

by PF Louis

(NaturalNews) Occasionally, the laboratory efforts of research scientists contracted by Big Pharma produce side effect findings that are of interest to those of us who focus on natural preventative and healing remedies.

It appears that such an event occurred when the research team inadvertently reported vitamin D inhibiting a tumor growth factor in triple negative breast cancer cells, which tend to resist current conventional chemo therapies. Triple negative breast cancer is a very aggressive cancer, that often regroups after a short remission.

It seems this team’s focus and purpose was to help Big Pharma find another synthetic creation they could patent for big bucks to inhibit resistant cancer cells’ ability to carry on and metastasize despite conventional therapies.

This research team’s research was in vitro, which is test tube or petri dish analysis. But the breast cancer cells were cultured from actual breast cancer patients’ cancerous tissues. During their process of tracking what enzymes or proteins did what, they used vitamin D to reduce cathepsin L from cancer cells that refused to fold and quit.

They had determined that increased cathepsin L invaded the cell’s nucleus and blocked 53 BPI, a protein that inhibits cancer cell growth. The 53 BPI protein flourished again when cathapsin L was reduced or eliminated, permitting this protein to resist the cancer cell’s growth.

Note: Vitamin D was used to diminish the cancer cells’ cathepsin L.

That application appears to have been part of an exercise in discovering and analyzing the mechanics within resistant cancer cells for Big Pharma to formulate more toxic chemo agents. Vitamin D was not the focus of this research, although other news reports have featured the vitamin D3 for cancer aspect.

Various news reports and abstracts, taken from The Journal of Cellular Biology, are in the sources below. However, the full write-up is available only for journal subscribers. It costs $30.00 for a two day look.

A broader look at vitamin D3 and cancer

Natural News has featured comprehensive coverage of vitamin D3 benefits, especially regarding cancer prevention and/or as an adjunct to alternative cancer therapies. Here’s one Natural News article that highlights nine major vitamin D benefits. (

In 2007, the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, exposed and explained why the cancer industry, including the American Cancer Society and the Susan G. Koman for Cure Foundation, decry vitamin D for cancer prevention. (

The 25[OH]D test (25 hydroxy vitamin D test) is the most accurate way to determine your vitamin D levels. The conventional normal of 30 ng/ml (30 nanograms per milliliter) is insufficient, according to holistic MDs, chiropractors, naturopaths, and independent nutritionists.

It’s been recently discovered that 50 ng/ml or more provides much better disease prevention. From 80 to just under 100 ng/ml is recommended temporarily for therapeutic purposes.

Any cancer therapy should should exclude sugar and processed foods completely, while focusing on organic, whole plant foods.

Getting vitamin D3 from sunlight exposure or UVB tanning bed exposure guarantees you won’t overdose vitamin D3. The body’s D3 manufacturing system shuts down when there’s enough.

Bathing immediately after sun exposure may remove skin oils that initiate the body’s D3 manufacturing process. Wait longer or use soap only on unexposed skin.

Vitamin D3 cholicalciferol gel capsules will boost your D3 levels when there is a lack of sunshine or no access to a UVB ray tanning bed. From 5,000-10,000 international units (iu) daily is recommended if your levels aren’t up to at least the 50 ng/ml mark.

The threshold for vitamin D3 toxicity, which is unlikely but possible, is 100 ng/ml. That’s why looking into an inexpensive lab for the 25[OH]D test every six months or so would be wise.

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The kitchen is the heart of a home

NaturalNews) The kitchen is the heart of my home. It’s the hub of the domestic wheel. Since it’s where the woodstove is, this time of year, it’s where everyone gathers. And, everything of any importance takes place there: meals get prepared, recipes shared, bills paid, horse grains mixed, tinctures made, messages exchanged; kombucha brewed, coffee sipped and books read.

Sometimes I take for granted that the kitchen is the living heart of my home. That is, until someone reminds me. And, invariably, that reminder comes in the form of them telling me how “old fashioned” or “cozy” it is.

I’ve got generations of memories of the kitchen being the command post of the home. My grandmother’s kitchen was alive with conversation, cookie baking and ironing. We did our homework in the kitchen while she stirred the soup kettle over the woodstove. There were knitting projects by the rocking chair in the corner and grandpa read his book at the kitchen table while dunking cookies in coffee.

It’s not much different at my place. And, I forget that this is “old fashioned” or “cozy.” To me, it’s normal.

Every now or then, a well intentioned friend tries to bring me up to speed by reminding me that most modern homes center around the TV or home entertainment center. Folks in these households gathers around the television to eat (if you can call the consumption of processed junk-foods eating), nap, and veg out. This sounds de-vitalizing to me. I get an impression of people who are eviscerated and socially alienated.

My kitchen is vitalizing. People are animated and active. And, they are socially engaged with one another through lively conversation and shared projects. Things get done and company gets kept. Quality time isn’t scheduled – it just happens naturally.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics LS American Time Use Survey (A.C. Nielsen Co.), American households spent 5 hours and eleven minutes per day watching TV. Compare that to the 0.55 minutes that, according to the same survey, people spend in their kitchens per day. That’s right. Americans spend less than one hour a day in the heart of their home: the place where food – the nutritional foundation of human fuel – is prepared.

Americans spend more time engaged in passive distraction than active self-nourishment.

My kitchen is where we cook and eat; stack firewood; hang culinary herbs to dry; make floral elixirs; grind flour; dry wool socks and mittens; grow sprouts; and visit. It’s the first place people head when they come in the house. And, it’s a commercial-and-propaganda-free-zone: nobody is extolling the virtues of sugary breakfast cereals, weight loss programs, or celebrity trivialities.

I cleaned a horse bridle by the kitchen woodstove today. And, when I got it done, I hung it from the lamp so that everyone could look it over. I did yoga in the kitchen today – early in the morning before the press of activity took over. I read for a while in the kitchen this afternoon – after I had meditated by the woodstove while re-kindling a dwindling late-day fire.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have a TV. Or, maybe it’s because my kitchen opens into all of the surrounding rooms. Or, maybe it’s because my kitchen is huge – like a healthy, fit heart that pumps vitality into the whole rest of the body.

Whatever the reason, I want it stay this way. I want the kitchen to remain the living nerve-center of my life. I want it to remain the domestic command post, the hub of the household wheel. It feels right that the really important things in life – good food, good friends and good times – all take place there.

I don’t want to come up to speed and be “modern.” I don’t want to lay on the couch and watch TV. I want to stir a soup kettle and make real, living memories.

About the author:
Sherry L. Ackerman, Ph.D., is a socially engaged philosopher and cultural sustainability advocate. Her new book, The Good Life: How to Create a Sustainable and Fulfilling Lifestyle explores critical issues from this perspective. At the end of each chapter is a list of things that you can do to create a more sustainable, healthier lifestyle. For more information:

Gun owners go ‘Gandhi’ in New York with plans for mass civil disobedience over Cuomo’s tyrannical gun grab

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) On the face of it, there is absolutely no sense to the idea that one million New York gun owners should be declared “guilty” because one crazy man went nuts in Connecticut and committed mass murder. Yet that’s the argument Gov. Cuomo used to rush through gun registration and confiscation legislation that’s now law in the state of New York.

The law was forced through the state legislature with such speed that it instantly turned all of New York’s police officers into felony criminals because they were carrying more than the allowed seven rounds of ammo per magazine. Retroactive changes to the law had to be hurriedly made to exclude law enforcement from imminent arrest and prosecution by the “mafia” Cuomo administration. Cuomo meant for his unconstitutional attack to target so-called “civilians,” not law enforcement!

But now, those citizens are increasingly saying “F&%# YOU, CUOMO” (literally, see below) and announcing they are not going to register their guns under Cuomo’s tyrannical, illegitimate and blatantly illegal regime.

“Mass resistance” plans underway

Gun owners are “going Gandhi” in New York and planning mass civil disobedience to protest the actions of the criminal mafia known as the Cuomo administration.

“Gun owners and even some lawmakers are planning what has been dubbed potentially the largest act of civil disobedience in state history,” reports The New American. “Preparations are already being made for mass resistance.”

What form will that resistance take? It may start as an info war, and then escalate into protests. But if Cuomo does not relent and repeal his unconstitutional, illegal and immoral mandate against law-abiding gun owners, there is a good chance this conflict may “go hot” and lead will start flying.

“A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.” – George Washington

It is every New Yorker’s duty to resist tyranny

Let me state on the record that it is not merely a right to resist unlawful tyranny, but it is your DUTY to resist it and fight back via morally-justifiable means to restore constitutional law and the Bill of Rights in America. Anything less is a betrayal to the principles of America.

Any state government which would attempt to oppress the constitutional rights of its citizens and disarm them, making them absolutely defenseless against criminals and runaway government tyranny, is an illegitimate, unlawful government being run by criminals. That government must be thrown out of power and replaced with a legitimate, law-abiding government that honors the rights of citizens (and the limits of power placed on government).

On this issue, New Yorkers have declared their line in the sand. One million New Yorkers own firearms, and relatively few of them plan to comply with Cuomo’s gun registration plans, knowing full well that registration is just the first step to forced confiscation.

After all, why would the state of New York need to know who owns all the guns if it wasn’t planning to do something with that list? Throughout world history, gun registration lists have almost always become gun confiscation lists where governments go door to door with armed troops, demanding at gunpoint that people turn in the firearms they previously registered.

(Seriously, you’d have to be a complete idiot to comply with Cuomo’s gun-grabbing scheme. Do you really want Cuomo’s mafia goon squads to know exactly what guns you own and where you keep them?)

From The New American:

“They’re saying, ‘F— the governor! F— Cuomo! We’re not going to register our guns,’ and I think they’re serious. People are not going to do it. People are going to resist,” explained State Rifle and Pistol Association President Tom King

Gandhi believed in armed defense against tyranny

Gandhi is perhaps best known as a pacifist who helped stage mass civil disobedience in the face of the imperial occupation of his nation by enemy forces (the British). But what is not well known is that Gandhi was only a pacifist because his people had been disarmed by the occupying British military. Had Gandhi’s countrymen possessed arms, they would have fought back against the British empire’s illegal and imperial occupation many years earlier.

“I do believe that where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence I would advise violence,” Gandhi wrote in his famous work, Doctrine of the Sword.

He goes on to say:

I advocate training in arms for those who believe in the method of violence. I would rather have India resort to arms in order to defend her honor than that she should in a cowardly manner become or remain a helpless witness to her own dishonor.

Never heard these quotes from Gandhi? That’s because you’ve been taught a false history on Gandhi and most other topics. Martin Luther King, for example, also possessed many weapons for self defense and even sought a concealed carry permit to help protect himself from violence.

By “going Gandhi” with mass civil disobedience, New Yorkers are following in the footsteps of human history’s greatest freedom fighters and human rights activists. Self defense is a fundamental human right, and any who try to take this right from the People are, by definition, oppressors of human freedom and civil liberties.

Will New York police fire on their own neighbors and relatives?

Now the question becomes this: Will law enforcement officials across New York now wage an actual shooting war with private gun owners who refuse to comply with an illegal, unconstitutional and immoral law hastily passed by Cuomo and other enemies of America?

If so, New York police, state troopers and other law enforcement officials should expect to take considerable casualties as they attempt to disarm the citizenry. As has been written about in many places across the internet, including in articles by firearms instructor Paul Howe, any members of law enforcement who engage in armed raids against the homes of gun owners will likely see their own homes and families targeted with retaliation. Yes, we are talking about the potential of a New York guerilla war where those who participate in gun confiscation are put on “fair game” lists to be targeted and taken out. This is what is being discussed across the ‘net, on blogs, in personal conversations, on radio shows and elsewhere.

I was as surprised to learn this as you may be right now. The reaction to Cuomo’s gun grab has been outspoken and powerful. Apparently I am not the only one in America who has committed to defending my liberties with my life, if necessary. There are a great many law-abiding citizens of this country who have joined together in saying “THIS is our line in the sand! Do NOT cross this line!”

Cuomo has crossed that line, and although for the record I do not advocate the use of violence to resolve conflicts, I cannot help but admit that Cuomo may very well be placing his own life, the life of his family members, and the lives of his staffers in imminent danger if he does not reverse his decision. What’s brewing right now is a kind of civil war in New York, and there are apparently all kinds of gun owners across the state who are prepared to die rather than register their firearms. For this reason, and because I do not wish to see any violence occur over this issue, Cuomo needs to immediately back down and reverse his gun registration law in order to prevent bloodshed.

Yes, it has come to this. And while I do believe that gun owners in New York and across America are incredibly tolerant, patient and even humble people, when they are blatantly placed in the crosshairs of the threat of government violence against them if they do not comply with unreasonable, unconstitutional and immoral demands, they can and will become Cuomo’s worst nightmare.

There are one million gun owners in New York. If one percent rise up and decide to fight back against tyranny, Cuomo will be facing a force of 10,000 armed civilians rising up against him. How do you stop 10,000 armed, angry civilians from marching on the state capitol? You don’t. If these 10,000 people decide to pick up arms and march for their rights and freedoms, they will win the showdown.

The only way New York gun owners lose is if they lay down their arms voluntarily and submit to Cuomo’s unconstitutional mandates. Then again, any person who lays down his arms in the face of tyranny probably doesn’t deserve to be an American in the first place. This nation was founded on the courage of strong-willing men and women who were willing to take a stand for liberty and justice. That spirit of America appears to be rising again in New York, and Cuomo seems to be on a collision course with history in the making… the kind of history that results in great loss of life followed by a backlash of the People against out-of-control government oppression.

Ultimately, one possible outcome of all this is Cuomo being forced to flee New York and seek refuge in another state (or another country), where he will no doubt face extradition charges to bring him back to New York where he can be tried for his crimes against the people of the great state of New York.

*NON FOOD NEWS* Photographers viciously attacked by police after taking pictures of historical building

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) In a lengthy piece recently, I documented how fear-mongering by the nation’s political elite has allowed them to foist a raft of unconstitutional regulations and legislation over the years on a nation that, undoubtedly, our founding fathers would likely never recognize (unless they were comparing modern-day America to latter-day England).

One of the latest justifications for the imposition of many of these onerous new rules is the ever-present threat of terrorism, a fallacy of fear that was on full display in Miami Jan. 20.

According to reports, renowned photographer Carlos Miller, who runs the website Photography Is Not a Crime, and a companion were roughed up, detained and eventually fined by Miami-Dade Metrorail security guards for taking pictures of a historical public building.

Ending photography as we know it – The latest anti-terrorism tactic

Miller and his friend were passing time while waiting for a Metrorail by taking photos of the Dade County Courthouse, which was built during the Roaring 20s and is considered to be a stunning piece of architecture.

“Then considered one of the more monumental structures in Florida, Dade County’s 27-story Neoclassical-style courthouse was begun in 1925,” says this historical account of the structure.

Suddenly, a voice blared over a loudspeaker ordering them to cease and desist with the photographs. The pair ignored the order, but shortly thereafter a 50 State security guard came onto the platform and confronted them.

Miller sensed that his civil rights were about to be violated once more, he asked his companion to begin videotaping the exchange.

The guard is seen on camera telling Miller that it is illegal to photograph the rail portion of the train which, according to, “is not true.”

Following a short exchange, the guard accused Miller of being intoxicated; two more guards approached then approached him and sort of began to crowd him towards the elevator. A scuffle began next, during which time the camera Miller’s friend was using was knocked free and turned off.

“At the top of the escalator, one of them shoved me hard as if to push me down the escalator, which is when I shoved back,” said Miller in a blog post on his site.

“Then three of them piled on top of me, including one choking me where I couldn’t even breathe, leaving me gasping for air,” he said, adding that the third guard, a tall black man whose badge read R. Myers, “violently choked me to the point where I thought I was going to die.”

Myers is heard in the video threatening Miller’s friend, who was back to videotaping the incident and was able to capture the choke hold on tape, pointing handcuffs at him and saying, “You’re going to jail next.”

Miller and his friend were eventually cuffed and held until Miami-Dade Police officers arrived. The photographer activist said police instantly recognized him from his website and from previous incidents.

The new normal

The men were held for about an hour and were then released, having been issued a $100 citation that accused them of “producing loud or excessive noise” – though neither man was cited for anything having to do with illegally photographing anything. In fact, guards returned both cameras to them without erasing the photos or otherwise tampering with them.

Miller followed up the raw footage of his detainment and arrest with another video showing the injuries he received from the incident.

One final fact: Miller is already involved in a state lawsuit following a previous incident with 50 State guards. He says he may now escalate that suit into a federal case.

Welcome to America, circa 2013, where fear and loathing is the new normal and rules and regulations ostensibly aimed at “keeping you safe” are devoid of common sense and constitutionalism.