Florida chiropractic physicians association sells out to Big Pharma

by Eric L. Zielinski
(NaturalNews) In a recent landmark decision the Florida Chiropractic Physicians Association voted to eliminate the word “drugless” from Florida law. In an effort to expand their rights as health care providers, the FCPA is concentrating initially on achieving prescribing rights. In what seems like a feeble attempt to overcome their own insecurity as alternative health care providers, the FCPA attempts to gain support on their website with this plea: “Aren’t you tired of worrying where your next patient will come from? Expansion means prosperity for you and better health for your patients. The medical community is changing rapidly and we must be a bigger part of that change.”

Since when do chiropractors want to be associated with MD’s?

Apparently, the FCPA is attracting to their ranks groups of chiropractors who are struggling financially to make ends meet and believe selling out to Big Pharma will pay the bills. Sadly, though, history tells a different story. Time and time again, we see stories of the honeymoon benefits of Big Pharma being short lived as more and more MD’s fall to burn-out, depression, and suicide. The system has been corrupted and it seems like history will repeat itself within the chiropractic profession.
Recently, chiropractors announced that they were going to leave their drugless roots and chase after snake oil rights themselves. The question begging to be asked is, “Why? Since when do chiropractors want to be associated with MD’s?” The FCPA insists that, “By expanding your rights as a primary care physician with full prescriptive rights and the ability to specialize you can increase your knowledge and your ‘bag of tools.’ It all adds up so you could offer more services to the public.” It appears like a divorce is eminent within the chiropracticprofession with one side maintaining their drugless and surgery-free heritage and the other following the allopathic model run by Big Pharma.

Chiropractic, truly one of the last “natural health” professions

Since its inception in 1895, doctors of chiropractic have seen miraculous results through what the Association of Chiropractic Colleges (ACC) coins “The Chiropractic Paradigm.” In it the ACC states the purpose of chiropractic is to “optimize health.” The principle behind chiropractic is the “body’s innate recuperative power is affected by and integrated through the nervous system.” The vehicle behind facilitating this health care approach is by detecting and removing vertebral subluxations. A subluxation is defined as “a complex of functional and/or structural and/or pathological articular changes that compromise neural integrity and may influence organ system function and general health.” Thus, we see the integrity behind referring to chiropractic as alternative natural health care. The ACC goes on to define chiropractic as, “a health care discipline which emphasizes the inherent recuperative power of the body to heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery.”
Millions of chiropractic patients worldwide can testify to the plethora of benefits they’ve experienced from headache reduction to seizure and heart disease management. These patients and other natural health care crusaders must rise up to tell the world that they don’t want to see chiropractic sell out to Big Pharma.
To keep chiropractic drugless, contact your state legislature today and voice your concern today!
Sources for this article include http://www.worldchiropracticalliance.org/acc/acc.htm http://www.myfcpanews.org/showArticle.php?locations=All&article_id=8 http://myfcpa.org/About.html http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21900135
About the author: Eric is a peer-reviewed, published researcher. His work on heart disease and autism has been accepted internationally at various scientific conferences through organizations like the American Public Health Association and Australian-based Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute. The mission he shares with his wife, Sabrina, is to help people achieve their God-given potential in what they have coined The 7 Key Areas to Abundant Living: Both Eric and his wife are Life Coaches specializing in helping people overcome cognitive disorders like ADD/ADHD naturally. Visit his blog. Track his work on facebook. Read Eric’s other naturalnews.com articles.



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