GMOs: Exemplifying ‘If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix It’

by Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D.(H), D.D.

(NaturalNews) Multiple dangers exist in meddling in GMOs when we don’t know what we’re doing, which may be the ultimate validation of the saying, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” At the same time, multiple more life-affirming, more life-sustaining, healthier, and better ideas exist at our fingertips than genetically engineering food organisms.

The living soil-plant complex has been the evolutionary base of all animal life and humans for millions of years. Humans have been nourished by the genetic instructions of our plants and animals for ages. Introducing genetically modified species upsets the delicate patterns of nature, creating more problems than they solve.

Leaping Blindly into Delayed Yet Grave Consequences

The force of genetic engineering is leaping ahead blindly. GMO development is analogous to early nuclear development, because its future has led us to creating a planet Earth with more and more uninhabitable zones, and a civilization on the brink of annihilation. GMO may be even more grave, because this technology acts on the very blueprint of life itself, as Dr. John Fagan has pointed out.

Let us ask, why might it be that children in a generation brought up on the “green revolution,” which means GMO foods, have IQ’s decreased by up to 10 points? For one thing, approximately 57% of the research done by biotechnology companies is focused on the development of plants that can tolerate larger amounts of herbicides.

This means that many more herbicides are used. Thus, one of the biggest worldwide poisoning problems with GMO plants is their presumed ability to tolerate unlimited pesticides. What we need to remember is that people, especially children, do not have that ability to tolerate unlimited pesticides, which are neurotoxins.

Furthermore, a GMO engineer may decide to remove or modify a gene, resulting in the plant itself cellularly manufacturing more a toxin, or even a new toxin never found in nature before. And this new plant with the new toxin could test as “safe” because you can’t test for a toxin you don’t know about. The harmful effects may then be immediately, or may not be observed for years, but do degrade our society.

GMO foods are a tragic moral, ethical, ecological, spiritual and medical disaster that is already happening, which we have the power to stop. All that is required is that we love ourselves, our children, and grand children and the planet Earth enough to stop it from continuing. Let us remember the power of the marketing of good which occurs by sharing what we are doing in our own lives. Let us responsibly wield our power to make a difference through expressing conscious lifestyle choices, such as:

  • Choosing authentic organic, whole, non-GMO foods, and making it be known to our friends and our shopping places, We will only shop here if you don’t carry GMO foods, or at least you do carry an extensive selection of non-GMO foods.
  • Knowing and supporting your local non-GMO organic farmers.
  • Organic gardening for yourself and spreading knowledge of how to organic garden with others.
  • Acting politically to pass the California, and then other states’, right-to-know propositions.

The benefits will include:

• Personal and family food safety.

• Personal and spiritual communion with the forces of the living planet.

• A body metabolism and nervous system that is open and sensitive to the cosmic and spiritual energy of awakening, and more.

Let us not think our choices do not have an effect, for they do. All of us choosing authentic organic food, makes organic farms more successful. This allows more organic farms to enter the practice, and brings down the prices of organic seeds and produce.

Growing our own authentic foods is a further step we can simply take. Organic gardening supports our ability to have authentic food. It is a powerful way of addressing and solving the food supply problem, and we proactively grow at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center.

By being focused and committed to the sources of your food, your affect on the places you purchase is also profound. I personally have a graduate student who specifically let his local grocer know that he would only shop there if there were not GMO products and there was a plentiful organic section.

We are a movement in our every-moment choices. We can rebuild the soil and the produce of the Earth from its decimated, poisoned state into, again, the base of an integrated civilization.

Current Action: GMO Labeling Movement

Passing the California proposition is one of the most important actions that people can do at this time for turning the tide of defending our rights and restoring a supply of authentic food. It will save generations from a situation of chronically degenerating health. The implications of the dangers of ingesting GMO foods are exceedingly high. Thus, labeling GMO foods as GMO is a self-protective right and obligation that we must have, for the protection of ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren. In regards to labeling’s utmost importance, the key to remember is one cannot act from an informed self-protective place if we are not given the information – and thus the freedom – to make the informed choice. Support the California Right to Know Proposition 37 at

Click here now to get Dr. Cousens’ entire, scientifically researched, 3000-word article, “GMOs: If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix It.”

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About the author:
My name is Dr. Gabriel Cousens. I am known through my healing breakthroughs for thousands of people, dietary research, bestselling books including Spiritual Nutrition, There Is a Cure for Diabetes, and Conscious Eating, and the rejuvenating retreat center known worldwide as the Tree of Life. I am blessed to also share the premiere holistic health transformation, spiritual fasting, and detoxification programs in the world, programs for reversing diabetes and chronic diseases naturally, and world service programs for educating children and communities in organic health and self-sustenance methods. In my articles, I provide people with a substantial understanding of the wellness and spiritual issues at hand, and the wisdom to know how to address these issues in their personal lives. My approach is holistic, and, as such, requires that I present both a spiritual and a scientific overview. As a scientist, a medical doctor, and an artist of consciousness, providing my readers with the option for depth is my way of serving humanity. Learn about these entire spheres of offerings at



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