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Unsweetened soy protein powders

There’s another product I’m talking about called the Unsweetened Simply Natural Spirutein protein powders. You may be familiar with the Spirutein protein powders, because they’re quite visible on the shelves of practically every health food store. These powders are made primarily from soy protein and fructose, which is why I’m not excited about the product line in general, as I don’t recommend protein powders made with fructose.

However, they now have a line that is unsweetened. They call it the Simply Natural line of Spirutein protein powders, and these are fantastic. The flavors are wonderful, the lineup offers a considerable variety of flavors, and of course there’s a little bit of spirulina in these products as well, but not that much, by the way. I think that if any product had much spirulina in it, it would be green, but these Spirutein powders aren’t green, indicating that there’s really not much spirulina in them.

If you want spirulina, go to any health food store and buy some spirulina powder or capsules. I’ve been taking a whole lot of spirulina these days, blending in a couple of tablespoons in every breakfast shake, and I feel all the better for it.

But getting back to these Spirutein products, their product line is great if you buy the unsweetened products, because you can sweeten it yourself using stevia. They create a fantastic base for any kind of blend. One of my favorite blends is to buy the Simply Natural Spirutein Peaches and Creme flavor, throw in some soy milk, and a heavy dose of stevia, and a large scoop of spirulina powder. Mix that up and enjoy. It’s a delicious drink.

If you want some extra fat, one of the things I do is throw in a raw egg and blend that up, because a raw egg gives you all sorts of fats and oils that are good for you. I can’t recommend that everybody else do that, because there is a risk of salmonella poisoning from eating raw eggs, and if you don’t have a super-performing immune system, you may find yourself getting sick. Personally, I eat raw eggs all the time and I have never had any problems. In any case, the Unsweetened Simply Natural Spirutein protein powders are definitely on my recommended list.

If you’re vegan or just can’t stand the thought of swallowing raw eggs, go with macadamia nut oil instead of raw eggs.

Speaking of spirulina, there have been some questions recently about whether it’s okay to eat spirulina in huge doses, given how much vitamin A is in the product. People say gee, if you have too much of vitamin A won’t you compromise your health in some way? Isn’t that dangerous to be eating too much of vitamin A?

There is such a thing as vitamin A toxicity. That’s because vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin, and there have been studies showing the levels of toxicity associated with consuming this. But I think it’s very difficult to reach a toxic level of consumption with vitamin A, unless you’re taking it as an isolated vitamin. If you go out to the store and buy a vitamin A in capsules or gel caps and start chowing down on that, then sure, you could potentially get an overdose of vitamin A, and before long you’re going to start showing toxicity symptoms. But getting vitamin A in a natural form with a natural complementary base of nutrients, like you get in spirulina, is very different. I don’t believe there’s a very high risk at all of vitamin A toxicity, even if you’re chowing down on very large doses of spirulina on a regular basis. And I submit my own experience as a demonstration of that — I consume large amounts of spirulina, perhaps more than any person I know, and yet I don’t show any of the symptoms of vitamin A toxicity at all. But just to be safe, always work with your health care provider before starting any nutritional supplements, including spirulina.


A solution for constipation

In fact, there’s one thing I want to mention here for those suffering from constipation or bowel disorders, if you really want to give yourself a helping hand, go out and consume large quantities of spirulina powder on a daily basis, in your breakfast shakes or other fruit shakes. At the same time, get yourself some aloe vera juice or gel, and buy some okra and eat it raw. I found that these three things give your intestinal tract lots of lubrication, and this makes things much easier when it comes time to pass fecal matter. If you’re constipated or you’re not having at least one or two bowel movements a day, you probably could use some help in this area.

A lot of people turn to fiber, and fiber is fine, because it does get things moving, but it doesn’t lubricate the digestive tract. If you want to lubricate, you need these polysaccharides and these lubricating substances found in plants like okra and aloe vera, and even in spirulina. You also need to be drinking plenty of water. If you do all these things together, I guarantee you’re going to have a much easier time taking care of your bowel movements on a regular basis.

I know this is an uncomfortable subject for a lot of people, but the fact is, if you have to push when you’re going to the bathroom, there’s something wrong. A normal, natural bowel movement does not involve pushing at all. It involves sitting down, letting the peristaltic action of your bowels do all the work, and basically passing a large amount of fecal matter in just a few seconds. The feces should be well-formed, in other words it should be solid. It should pass without effort, and it should have a medium-dark color, but not too dark, but more of a medium color, to indicate that it is healthy.

Now, if you’re sitting down and actually having to work at creating a bowel movement, if it takes you a lot of pushing and grunting, then there’s definitely something wrong. You’re not getting enough water in your day, or you’re not eating foods that help lubricate the bowels and digestive tract. So make it a point to get more spirulina in your diet, get more okra, get more aloe vera especially, and if you can eat raw aloe vera gel, that’s the best of all (don’t eat the whole leaf, because the whole leaf contains a bitter orange liquid that can cause diarrhea). You will notice a difference within probably two to three days, and once you notice this difference, you will never go back to the old way. Because hey, if you can do it with less effort, why not do it that way for the rest of your life? Going to the bathroom shouldn’t be a cardiovascular workout. It should just be something you do easily and simply and painlessly, in order to get on with your day.

And another point on this, sorry to sidetrack so much, but this important — if you’re not having at least one bowel movement a day, then there’s also something wrong. The body was designed to move fecal matter through the system rather quickly, and healthy people will have two to three bowel movements a day. If you’re not having at least one a day, you’re probably eating far too much red meat, white flour, sugar, fried foods, or other processed or manufactured foods. You’re probably not getting enough fiber in your diet.

You might suffer from a calcium deficiency that’s affecting the peristaltic action of the smooth muscles in your bowels and large intestine, or from a magnesium deficiency. There could be vitamin B deficiencies involved here, or even vitamin D deficiencies. So to enhance your colon health, it is extremely important to avoid consuming large quantities of red meats and processed foods, while at the same time, making sure you supplement your health with all of those nutritional supplements that you know are good for you. These are the superfoods and the green foods, and things like cod liver oil and plant-derived mineral supplements.


Spry gum with xylitol

Moving along, another product that I am increasingly excited about is called Spry gum. It is something I’ve mentioned to several people now, and they’re chewing on it too. Spry gum is a gum that’s sweetened with xylitol, which is of course an alternative sugar replacement product derived from trees. Xylitol looks and tastes just like sugar to you, but in your mouth, xylitol actually inhibits the acid production by bacteria that would normally be working to create cavitiesin your mouth when they consume sugar.

By chewing on xylitol, you’re actually causing these bacteria in your mouth to tire out and eventually die before they can actually produce acid. See, they think xylitol is sugar, so they go to work on it. But it’s not sugar, so they can’t metabolize it in the way they would metabolize sugar, and as a result they finally just wear out and die. So, Spry gum actually protects your mouth from cavities. And at the same time, it’s a delicious gum to chew, but be sure to get the cinnamon flavor or the spearmint flavor, and avoid some of the other flavors, like fruit flavor, because the flavor fades away in about three seconds in the fruit flavor.


Nature’s Way Alive Whole Food Energizer still rocks…

Moving on, I’m still excited about the Alive vitamin supplement that I’ve been recommending for quite some time. I’ve noticed this product is increasingly popular these days. The full name Nature’s Way Alive Whole Food Energizer.

Recently, I was being illegally frisked and searched by TSA authorities at an airport when they noticed I had all sorts of vitamin supplements in my luggage. They said, “What are those?” I said, “Well, I’m a nutritionist and these are all my vitamin supplements.” All of a sudden, I was surrounded by three or four TSA employees who started asking me what supplement they should be taking, because they’re looking for a good multivitamin, but they don’t know what to take. I told them, “Hey, the only thing you need is this Alive supplement by Nature’s Way. That’s all you need if you’re looking to take one pill.” They were really excited to hear about this, so they wrote it down, and they looked like they were going to go out and buy this supplement the very next day.

In any case, if you’re not taking Alive supplements today, I strongly recommend that you go out and buy a couple of bottles of them, and start taking them. I continue to be a strong proponent of this nutritional supplement, because it contains so many of the food groups that we know are now beneficial to health. It not only prevents chronic disease in a huge way, but when taken in very large doses as a food, I believe it can even help treat and reverse chronic disease.

Think about what’s in it. There’s the green foods blend, with spirulina; there are also amino acids and concentrated powders from garden vegetables, many of which are known to be anti-cancer vegetables; there are also concentrated fruit powders, including fruits that are known to reverse macular degeneration, to lower cholesterol, ward off heart disease and cardiovascular disorders, and even boost immune system function. The Alive supplement also contains concentrated mushroom extracts, digestive enzyme blends, and even healthy fat in the form of omega-3 fatty acids.

This is just a fantastic product. It’s almost a product I would have designed if I were going to go out and design a multivitamin product. Of course, I don’t make products, nor do I sell them, so I wouldn’t be doing that, but if I were, this is probably a similar recipe to what I would design. The only problem people have with the Alive supplement is they don’t take enough. They think it’s like a pill, so they take one or two a day and call it quits. Well that’s nothing; that’s like eating one piece of broccoli a day and expecting to see miraculous anti-cancer benefits.

If you’re going to be treating this supplement as whole food concentrate, you need to put some serious doses into your body — several grams a day at least. Some days I will take six or eight of these pills. Remember, these aren’t drugs; these are food concentrates; they are food, and your food should be your medicine. This is sort of like eating a lot of fruits and vegetables every day, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing that.


New protein shake from Nature’s Way

There’s now a protein shake mix offered by Nature’s Way that has the exact same name — the Alive Whole Food Energizer Protein Drink, or something similar. It might be called a meal replacement drink. I’ve checked this out, as I was quite excited to see this on the shelf, so I immediately went to read the ingredients label, and found that, unfortunately, it is sweetened with fructose. Of course, this protein drink is off my list of recommendations due to the fructose, but I still strongly recommend the whole food vitamins in the nutritional supplement form. So remember, what you’re looking for is Nature’s Way Alive Whole Food Energizer.


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